Perks of Getting Together With Me: Because I’m A Meow-Meow.

  1. Meow is the type that very easy to get bored. So, meow would never make the journey feels boring. Meow loves making plans to go out together, doing things together and having fun because meow is a playful meow.
  2. Meow likes to sing and play some instruments but not professional so you can make fun and laugh at meow. You and meow can sing together too on late night drive because meow really loves it.
  3. Ummm… Meow is a pretty meow. But meow can be a sexy meow too. Meowrrr.
  4. Actually meow is so soft, small, and tiny, so that sometimes meow looks…. cute? But meow doesn’t like to be called as cute. Meow will be angy.
  5. No-no. Not cute. Meow is just a sensitive meow. Meow would try to understand your emotional periods. But meow is a crybaby too. You and meow can cry together.
  6. People said that meow is a smart meow, so you and meow can talk and discuss about everything and nothing. Meow loves deep talks. Even if meow is a smart meow, meow still love to hear your stupid jokes and sending you a lot of stupid memes. Meow’s soul is quite funny actually (because meow laughs at her own jokes).
  7. Don’t know if it’s a good taste or not for you, but meow’s taste in musics are vast. Check on meow’s spotify.
  8. Same goes to meow’s taste in movies/ series/ films. Go to check on meow’s letterboxd.
  9. Meow likes to know you wholeheartedly. So meow read your birth chart, sixteen personalities, till your love languages. But meow would still love and value you as who you are.
  10. Meow likes to eat junk food but still cooking you a home-made dish. Meow likes to asked you to eat ice cream, cheese burger, and fries together but still bake you a cookies. Meow love foooods.
  11. Meow will let you to do everything you like without being a complicated meow. Meow loves freedom. Meow loves passionate and talented person.
  12. Meow looks like a cold-hearted meow outside but actually a warm-hearted meow inside. Meow will always be there for you 24/7 thru every ups and downs.
  13. Meow will hug you, kiss you, pat your back, hold your hands, play your hair, wipe your tears and make you smile again. Meow will give you the best treatment.
  14. Meow loves sleep. Meow is a talented sleeper who can sleep everytime and everywhere. It’s a privilege if you can sleep beside meow, because it feels so damn nice and no one can beat it lol.
  15. Meow likes quality time. Meow likes to make you a surprise. Meow can do your tasks with meow pleasure. Meow can make a song for you too.
  16. Meow likes photography and videography. Not a professional again but meow is quite aesthetic. You and meow good times must be captured well.
  17. Meow is a very supportive and caring meow so you can make your dreams come true but still having fun with meow.
  18. Meow is not perfect. Meow is weird, sometimes cranky, sometimes needy, sometimes wanna be spoiled, but-
  19. Meow can be your best buddy, your best partner in crime, your soulmate, your bestfriend, and your one and only meow.



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A Naked Enigma

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